General Confirmation Risk Disclaimer

Trading futures contracts, swaps contracts, forex contracts and options thereof (collectively “Commodity Interests”) involve substantial risk and are not appropriate for everyone. Past performance is not indicative of future results.   The buyer and seller understand that Donnelly Partners LLC (“DPLCC”) has acted as agent for the buyer and seller solely for the purpose of matching up the buyer and seller to a transaction(s) involving Commodity Interests.  The fees charged by DPLCC for executing and/or reporting any such transactions through DPLCC are a negotiated fee which may not be the same fees as charged in similar or other transactions.   All aspects and terms of each such transaction with DPLCC are determined and agreed solely by the buyer and seller and compliance with the terms of such transaction is strictly the obligation of the buyer and seller.  The buyer and seller agree that (i) it is capable of understanding the risks in proceeding with such transactions, assessing the merits thereof, and, in fact, understands and accepts the terms of such transactions and assumes the risks attendant thereto.  DPLCC shall not be responsible for either the buyer’s or seller’s performance of its respective obligations with respect to executing and/or reporting such transactions for the buyer or seller.   DPLCC shall have no liability to either the buyer or seller in the event the buyer or seller, as applicable, is prohibited or restricted from entering into such transactions or if such transaction is voided or rejected, including without limitation, by the exchange or the buyer’s or seller’s clearing facility, as applicable.  If the buyer and seller does not accept and understand the foregoing RISK STATEMENT made by DPLCC, buyer and/or seller, as applicable, must immediately notify DPLCC. 

General Market Recommendation disclaimer

Any market recommendations, market reports and/or other information (collectively "Market Information") regarding futures contracts, swaps contracts, forex contracts and options thereof (collectively “Commodity Interests”) that are provided by DPLCC are based upon information obtained from sources believed by DPLCC to be reliable. Market Information may be: (i) based solely on the opinion of DPLCC; (ii) incomplete; and/or (iii) unverified. DPLCC makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to, and shall not be responsible for, the accuracy or completeness of any Market Information furnished to you.  Further, changes in market conditions may affect the Market Information provided to you by DPLCC.  Please note that Market Information does not account for transaction costs, such as commissions, or slippage. Actual trades made in reliance on any price contained in Market Information will result in transaction costs and may incur slippage, which will adversely affect the value of the trade.  Please contact DPLCC for firm bids and offers regarding any Commodity Interest that you may execute through DPLCC. This is a solicitation to enter into a Commodity Interest transaction. 

IM Disclaimer

Trading Commodity Interests involve substantial risk and are not appropriate for everyone. Any market commentary, price reports and/or similar information provided by Donnelly Partners LLC. (“DPLLC”) via this chat session may be based solely on the opinion of DPLLC and is a solicitation to enter into a Commodity Interest transaction.   


The content herein shall not constitute a solicitation to enter into a derivatives transaction. Further, there can be no assurance that any managed account programs offered by or through us will achieve its objective or avoid substantial losses. Investing in commodity interests involves substantial risk and is not suitable for everyone. Past performance is in no way indicative of future results. * Capital raising services are only available to properly registered or exempt CTAs.